We are represented by shop stewards, who work for all members in JUKO. Each faculty within the university has dedicated shop stewards. The current shop stewards are listed in the attached file:

Shop stewards 2017-18

If you have questions relating work safety and occupational health, you can also turn to the Occupational Health and Safety delegates:

Sirpa Rutanen (Kontinkangas campus)
1. (substitute) Tuula Taskinen
2. (substitute)  Gitte Meriläinen
Occupational Health and Safety delegate Jukka Laurikkala (Linnanmaa campus)
1. (substitute)  Eila Viinikainen
2. (substitute)  Eero Hietapelto
Other labor delegates:
Jaana Lehtosaari
Satu Syrjälä
Juha Iisakka