Akava members working in universities are represented by the shop stewards of Akava’s Public Sector Negotiating Commission JUKO. JUKO is responsible for collective agreement negotiations and also provides OAJ with shop steward training.

You can contact any JUKO shop steward for advice concerning employment conditions (working hours, salary, work facility arrangements, workload, etc.).

In matters concerning inappropriate treatment, you can also contact the occupational safety representative at your university.

JUKO shop stewards and chief shop stewards with a YLL/OAJ background

Aalto University
Sonja Kniiviläsonja.kniivila(at)
University of Helsinki
Juha Eskelinenjuha.eskelinen(at)
Suvi Kotkavuorisuvi.kotkavuori(at)
Christian Rinkchristian.rink(at)
University of Eastern Finland
Sirja Möttönen (Joensuu)sirja.mottonen(at)
Sanna Niskanen (Kuopio)sanna.niskanen(at)
University of Jyväskylä
Erja Kosonen(head shop steward)erja.kosonen(at)
Panu Moilanenpanu.moilanen(at)
Jaana Toomarjaana.toomar(at)
University of Lapland
Marko Karhumarko.karhu(at)
University of Oulu
Hannu M. Heikkinen (vice head shop steward)hannu.m.heikkinen(at)
Hanken School of Economics
Åke Finne (head shop steward)ake.finne(at)
University of the Arts Helsinki
Minna Orpana (head shop steward)minna.orpana(at)
Hannu Apajalahtihannu.apajalahti(at)
Tampere University
Terhi Kaarakkaterhi.kaarakka(at)
University of Turku
Jouko Katajistojouko.katajisto(at)
Kristina Lindgren (vice head shop steward)kristina.lindgren(at)
Eila Matikaineneila.matikainen(at)
Sari Yrjänäinensari.yrjanainen(at)
University of Vaasa
Tiina Sorvalitiina.sorvali(at)
Åbo akademi
Johan Werkelinjohan.werkelin(at)