Trade unions have negotiated a collective agreement which guarantees you a specific salary and maximum working hours when you are employed in a university.

Your workplace shop stewards supervise compliance with the agreement. In addition to shop steward services, the trade union offers its members counselling and topical information related to their profession.

YLL operations are intended to promote teaching and research and to safeguard academic freedom. The union promotes matters important to university employees, such as career path development, and maintains discussion on occupational safety and health matters.

YLL has solid long‑term experience in safeguarding interests in the field of teaching duties.

YLL maintains university policy debate inside universities and more extensively in society concerning, for example, university funding and the development of the higher education institution system.

YLL works to promote occupational well-being, particularly in teaching and research duties in universities and from the perspective of educational administration employees.

YLL membership makes you a part of the university community, offers networking opportunities and reinforces your identity as an academic university professional.

As a YLL member, you are automatically a member of the Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ), which supervises the interests of all its members and essentially influences national education policy. If you work in the field of education, it is good to be member in this YLL’ parent organisation which is the only Finnish organisation to supervise the interests of teachers.

In addition to safeguarding interests, YLL and OAJ members receive many member benefits worth money, including membership in the teachers’ unemployment fund and a comprehensive insurance package.