When you are about to retire, prepare the following matters in good time.

Check your employment pension institution. You can do so through, for example, the työelä service. Most university employees’ employment pension institution is KEVA.

Check your service relationship information from the pension institution’s register approximately one year before retirement. Also, check you retirement age from the pension institution. You can also request an estimate of your pension.

Approximately 2–3 months before the beginning of your retirement, submit your pension application to your pension institution. Information for completing the application is available from your pension institution and the KELA office. You can then resign from your employment relationship. If the duration of your employment relationship exceeds 5 years, your notice period is 1 month.

Check with your university whether a free-form notification of retirement is sufficient, such as “I terminate my employment relationship to end on 31 January 20XX in order to retire on 1 February 20XX”. Your university may require that you submit a resignation notice to a human resources administration information system.

You OAJ insurance will expire when you retire. If you wish to continue your travel insurance at Turva, handle the matter before retiring. Generally, communicating with your insurance company is a good idea.

Notify your association and the OAJ member register of your retirement. You will automatically obtain membership in Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ). The annual membership fee is EUR 30. OAJ will pay the membership fee for the first calendar year on your behalf.