Total working time of teaching and research staff

The total annual working time of teaching and research staff is 1,612 hours. In accordance with the collective agreement, employees are responsible for their own hours of work and for using these hours in duties under the work plan. In practice, you are personally responsible for the implementation of your work plan and for planning your schedule.

The Annual Holidays Act shall not be applied to employees within the scope of the annual total working time system. The provisions concerning annual holiday are only applied to the determination of the holiday bonus.

Staff must plan their work over the academic year so that their schedule allows them a sufficient period of continuous rest or holiday in addition to the duties recorded in the work plan. Such planning is possible because the work plan must be prepared before the beginning of the next academic year in accordance with the collective agreement.

For more information, see the OAJ member site (in Finnish).

The regular working hours of other staff

Regular working hours shall average no more than 7 hours and 15 minutes per day, and 36 hours and 15 minutes per week. Staff adhering to regular working hours fall within the scope of the Annual Holidays Act.

YLL encourages flexible working time arrangements. Universities employ different protocols concerning remote work, the counting of time spent in travel as working time and, for example, the use of working time banks. For more information on the practices of your university, contact your unit or human resources management at your university. In case of a problem, contact your shop steward.