The General collective agreement for universities stipulates the employment conditions for university staff.

The Public Sector Negotiating Commission (JUKO) is in charge of the employment condition negotiations of universities. OAJ is the largest member association of JUKO. The collective agreement is available on the JUKO website, in English on the website of The Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers AFIEE (Sivistystyöantajat).

The collective agreement specifies, for example, the following.

Working time

Teaching and research staff adhere to an annual total working time of 1,612 hours. Other staff adhere to regular working hours. For more information, see About employment > Working time.

Salary system

Universities employ the YPJ salary system for Finnish universities, which is based on job requirements and personal performance. The collective agreement also includes a description of job requirement assessment. The appendices of the collective agreement include a job requirement scheme and a description of personal performance evaluation. For more information, see About employment > Salary system.

Sick leave

The period of paid sick leave is determined in accordance with the duration of the employment relationship. A table and examples of application are available in the collective agreement (Section 5 of Chapter 3: Length of paid sick leave period).